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The Merrill Backup Utility (MBU) makes it easy to produce Linux PC disk backups that are instantly bootable should you lose your original disk.

See mbu-README-txt for a description, and download mbu-20230407.tgz for the bash scripts and other documentation.

embuild-atool -- read the introductory document for a unique and free development environment for embedded and other software.

Please read updated information on http://embuild.sourceforge.net before downloading code.

Some  sample tiny little handy tools from out of atool:

decr.c   -- replace those pesky CR characters that microsoft users slip into my source files!  Compile: gcc decr.c -o decr .  Use:  decr <file>... .  Help message here.

detab.c -- replace tabs with spaces in a file, in place, in a safe way.  Compile: gcc detab.c -o detab .  Use:  detab <file>...  .  Help message here.

extract.c -- extract pieces of a binary file.  Compile:  gcc extract.c -o extract .  Use:  <sourcefile extract nbytes1 outfile1 nbytes2 outfile2 ...   .  Help message here.

GetTruePath.c -- find the true path of a file (the absolute filepath that doesn't traverse any soft links).  This won't compile as is because it relies upon a few atool library routines.  Use: truepath <file>  .  Help message here.

rpn.c  -- perform arithmetic and logical operations on streams of binary or numerical data.  Compile: gcc -DRRPN rpn.c -o rpn  ; gcc -DIRPN rpn.c -o irpn .  (rpn uses 64 bit floating point rpn stack, whereas irpn uses 32 bit integer rpn stack).  Use: see help message here.

Trash.c -- renames files into a suitable trash directory, which is far faster than actually deleting them and allows for restore.  The files can be actually removed by a nightly cron job.  Compile:  gcc -DDO_PROGRAM Trash.c -o trash .  Use:  export TRASH=<dir>[:<dir>]...   ;  trash <file>...  .  Help message here.

trunc.c --  adjust file size to desire size by truncating or extending the file.  Compile:  gcc trunc.c -o trunc .  Use:  trunc <size> <file> .  Help message here.

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