iBurst Modem Driver for Linux

To find an iBurst modem driver for Linux with ongoing support and development, see:  http://sourceforge.net/projects/ibdriver

The following driver file is for reference purposes only.  The story behind this file is:  As part of my work at ArrayComm, I (Ted Merrill) developed a Linux 2.4 driver for iBurst modems, which we used in the development of prototype modems.  The driver was never officially released by ArrayComm, but leaked out.  Some hard-working folks at the sourceforge project (above) ported it to Linux 2.6 (a complete rewrite).  Since i liked their rewrite, i then modified their driver to support the 2nd generation of iBurst modem chips (and fixing a few minor issues) and we used this in the development of prototype products based on 1st and 2nd generation chips.  Permission to submit patches to the sourceforge developers was granted in late 2005 and the patches are apparently incorporated into their current driver.  Permission to release this driver as a whole (still minus documentation) to the public was granted in March 2006 and here it is... although see CAUTION below.

CAUTION: This driver was developed for use in ArrayComm labs with prototype products only. There is no gaurantee of any sort that it will work with real products, and ArrayComm  (and myself) specifically release this only for reference purposes and make no claims as to it's effectiveness for your purposes and disclaim any responsibility for any problems you may have with it.  I am not allowed under my relationship with ArrayComm to provide any further information on the driver or iBurst other than what you see here.  ArrayComm does not provide end-user support of any kind.  I suggest you direct any requests for support to the sourceforge site, and that you use their driver.

Reference driver file:  iburst26.tgz

Reference documentation: iBurstModemDriverGuide.pdf